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TRIUMPH ENERGY is a vessel designer, technology developer and technology integrating company that builds and owns the world’s first certified sustainable vessels.


Triumph Energy has developed designs and specifications incorporating technology that demonstrates reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, advanced energy recovery systems and the use of certified sustainable materials for Offshore Construction and Service vessels used within the offshore energy, decommissioning and renewables sectors. Our designs are IMO 2050 compliant and have been independently verified to be Carbon Positive and are compliant for all green financing, green bonds and carbon credit trading mechanisms, including Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs), a global first.


IMO 2050 compliance and Carbon Positive verification are two major milestones within the Offshore Construction and Service vessel sectors and pave a clear path forward for obtaining green finance. Verification of a vessel’s green credentials along with the initial higher CAPEX has always been a major barrier to entry for obtaining financing for new generation vessels. Triumph’s designs complying to IMO 2050 and being Carbon Positive verified removes these barriers and significantly lowers the financial barriers of entry, therefore paving the way for truly decarbonized and sustainable Offshore Construction and Service vessel sectors and in decarbonizing the maritime sector in general.


Triumph Energy’s goal was to design and build Construction and Services vessels being IMO 2050 compliant, Carbon Positive verified and having defined sustainability throughout its life from ‘cradle to grave’, this we can confidently say we have now achieved.


Our core values are GREEN and our ethos is TECHNOLOGY. These two words are the basis of our moto as we embark on our mission to continually improve upon our IMO 2050 compliant and Carbon Positive certified vessels and vessel designs. 

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