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Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition for Our Clients

IMO 2050 Compliant,


Carbon Positive

Certified and Verified

100% Sustainable Notation

from 'Cradle to Grave'

Triumph Energy’s IMO 2050 Compliant and Carbon Positive verified Construction and Service vessels offer unrivalled value for our clients within the offshore energy, renewables, and decommissioning sectors. Utilizing vessels that are IMO 2050 Compliant and producing minimal emissions in conjunction with being Carbon Positive verified offers significant carbon reduction benefits to clients on any project in any sector.

Triumph has attained Provisional AiP from Lloyd’s Register for IMO 2050 Compliant Sustainable Notation designed vessels in the following categories:

  • Multi-role Field Development Vessels

  • Multi-role Floating Windfarm Installation Vessels

  • Cable Lay Vessels

  • Dive Support Vessels

  • ROV Support Vessels


We are also developing IMO 2050 Compliant designs for all categories of Construction and Service Vessels used within the offshore energy, renewables, and decommissioning sectors, inclusive of:

  • Foundation Installation Vessels

  • Heavy Lift Vessels

  • Wind Turbine Installation Vessels

  • Service Offshore Support Vessels

  • Platform Supply Vessels

  • Offshore Construction Vessels

  • Subsea Minerals Harvesting Vessels

  • Subsea Data Centre Installation Vessels

  • Walk 2 Work Vessels


We can provide any of these newbuild vessels on long-term charter basis or as an outright sale to qualified clients.

How Does This Value Proposition Benefit Our Clients and the Environment?


Triumph’s Carbon Positive verified vessel designs are eligible for Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs) pursuant to Articles 6.1 and 6.2 of the Paris Agreement in conjunction with other green finance mechanisms such as green bonds or institutional investors. We utilize liquid and high yield ITMOs, generated from our vessel designs, to offset increased construction costs from building Carbon Positive, this benefit can also be utilized by any clients that wish to purchase and own sustainable IMO 2050 Compliant vessels.


Benefits of Utilizing Carbon Positive Vessels

As the world transitions towards Net Zero, it is becoming more visible within tenders and project requirements that key stake holders, clients and end users are requiring evidence of carbon emissions reductions for vessels used within the projects.  These requirements are to ensure that the project attains its required Scope 3 emissions reductions as well as assisting the overall project in lowering the duration of the project carbon payback period to attain carbon neutral status. By utilizing Triumph’s Carbon Positive verified vessels, charterers and contractors can satisfy the projects reduced carbon targets whilst also contributing to their own Carbon Neutral and Net Zero Goals.


Renewables Energy Project Financing

Financing options for qualified renewables projects within emerging markets may be available by interested development finance institutions that Triumph Energy is aligned with.


Triumph Energy can provide vessel design and technology consultancy to clients that wish to develop their own bespoke IMO 2050 Compliant, and Carbon Positive verified vessels. These designs will be exclusively classed by Lloyd’s Register in compliance with the Sustainable Notation.

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