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Triumph Energy has developed designs and specifications that have already demonstrated IMO 2050 compliancy and have been issued Provisional Approval In Principle for the current Construction and Cable Lay vessels in its portfolio. These designs have been independently verified to be Carbon Positive and are compliant for carbon credit trading, green financing and green bonds, a global first.


Triumph Energy and Lloyd’s Register have announced a collaboration for a Joint Development Project to develop the creation of a landmark 100% sustainability notation that will provide evidence whether a vessel is certified as Carbon Positive and is compliant for all green financing.


The Joint Development Project will also focus on integrating advanced over-the-horizon remote facilities and AI to reduce the manning levels required for offshore and back deck operations thus minimizing personnel exposure offshore and in hazardous areas and reducing the carbon footprint used in mobilizing and demobilizing personnel for offshore based operations.


The Joint Development Project will welcome technology partners in the months to come and we will update this page with details of the partners and what technology they are looking at using to further enhance our designs.

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